March 22, 2007

Non-latex fetish


Erkemao said...

Nice blog. Pics are very suggestive, plenty of sensuality and erotism. What do you want to express? Which people do you want to come to? Excuse my english ;)

Lulu said...

Hi erkemao! First of all, thank you for your words!
I've answered those questions sometime ago, to a "curious web surfer" (that's his/her nick). So then, I said something pretty much like this:
I do this, puting up pictures, –as long as I have fun—, cause I like them. As a kid with a sticker album,I collect images and share them. As a kid, in a visual era,
I keep this "mood" diary through pictures.
"What do I want to express"??? That's something you, welcome visitor, should guess or "read between the lines".
You said "plenty of sensuality and erotism". Is it good for you? So enjoy! This is a great "mood" to be on!
As for the second question, once again, everybody is welcome!
Take care and have fun!!! ;)

Wax and Wane said...

Hi thanks to Erkemao I got to your blog. He told me about u. ANd he said h´d left the same message in ur page as in mine... (he smiled about that)

Your girls are wonderful, sexies, provocative, inspiring... LOVABLE girls (pics)

I also have pics, lots of them, lovely girls (they inspire me more than men ... :) ) but nothing against either. Just beautiful bodies.

Do you appear in any of the pics?


Lulu said...

Hi L.!
Thanks for your comments!
I've tried to visit you at your blog and space, but I couldn't reach them. Your blogger wax and wane profile doesn't have the blog link and, at myspace, it said you have a private profile. So, tell me how can I reach you! Maybe if you e-mail me some link ( ... I don't know.
Anyway, I don't "appear" in any of the pics, but I'm considering it. It'd be fun...