March 02, 2007

Lulu doesn't give up

Once Lulu asked the world:

You can leave your message after the tone. Thanks."

No messages for Lulu.

Tonight, she found out.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I proudly introduce you
Mrs. Charlotte Rampling
at Der Nachtportier (The Night Porter)

You're welcome.


domesticallydisabled said...

i have no idea who it is....but cool shots...that's for sure. jox

Lulu said...

Hi, jox! Know what? wikipedia knows almost everything! lol!

Make a picture at

Seems to be an interesting movie.

a. said...

Thank you! She's gorgeous.

Rafter said...

Lulu..if you want to see a good German movie, Check this out..
Read the comments. Aimee is your kind of women.