January 30, 2008

Mack the Knife

via myahkeitaro

A sequel to the Mack the Knife Chorus Line, featuring some versions of the original German song. A moritat was a medieval murder ballad sung by German minstrels. The German version of the song is darker than its English counterpart, describing Macheath as not only a murderer and robber, but a rapist and an arsonist as well.

1. Slut - 2006?

2. The Doors - 1968 (the only part of their version of Mack the Knife that had anything to do with the actual song was the part I included)

3. Lotte Lenya - 1928 (the wife of composer Kurt Weill, her name is included in the English lyrics as one of Macheath's victims)

4. Olmalandro - ? (it's in Portuguese)

5. Liberace - ? (a strange gay piano player)

6. Blake Lewis - 2007 (American Idol runner-up)

7. Kevin Spacey - 2004 (I know he's an actor, not a singer, but he sang the song for a movie he did about Bobby Darin)

8. Wayne Newton - ?

9. Frank Sinatra again

10. Westlife - 2004

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