September 05, 2007

I'm not there

Has anybody seen it? Any comments?


a. said...

I haven't seen it yet, but am desperately waiting to! I heard it's playing at TIFF, so hopefully it will get a wider release in the next few months.

Rafter said...

Looks like another Hollywood rip off.
Save your money..if you must wait for cable.
Any movie with Richard Gere..yeesh.

The only good thing, Bob will make some money and I think he needs it..
I'm still angry that he sold out to corporate America with his music..
something he said he would never do.
but then again every one has a price.

Lulu said...

Hi a.!
I've watched some parts at youtube... sad, sad, sad.
Rafter, I'm with you. Richard Gere... OMG!
I will wait then...
As far as I know, Dylan did some legal actions against this film.
Once again, you are right: every one has a price. But talking about Dylan I think it worth it. ha ha ha.

domesticallydisabled said...

wer'd you go lulu? i miss you...jox