July 22, 2007

What do you call...?

# 1

Front bottom — Pretty pink pearl — Pee pee

Yoni — Tongue trap — Bald man in a boat

Breakfast of champions — Munch box

Wee wee — Ha ha — Who who

Me me — Fuck hole — Calcunta

The lips between the hips — Furry monkey

Smurf crease — Bearded oyster

Bikini biscuit — Cooter — Cherry pop

Cat flaps — Cha cha — Harry goblet

The Grand Canyon — Fish taco

Cream collector — Goodie bag

Box of assorted creams

Honey pot — Dug out — Love mitten

Mermaids purse — Skeezy

The pink velvet sausage wallet

Poonanny — Coochie — Sweet spot — Power slot

Pork shutters — Bermuda triangle

Crab hole — Squeegee — Vertical smile

Chewbacca — Panty hamster

Roast beef sandwich


Dip the chip

Bang the box

Sweep out your chimney

Stretch that leather

Bump uglies

Dip and dive

Shake the sheets

Crack the nut

Get some skank on the hang low

Ride the bologna pony

Give that dog a bone

Shuck the oyster

Put some beef in your taco

Ride that beef bus to tuna town

Can anyone out there help me with these lists?


Rafter said...

References-I remember from my low rent co-workers, circa '67 and'68.

Did you "Lay some Pipe" over the weekend.

Don't forget to get "A hot boxed lunch at the Y".

The hot read for both sexes in the 60's was "Candy" by Terry Southern.

Still a classic ribald novel.

Lulu said...

Thanks for your contribution to the list!