June 01, 2007

It's Lulu's birthday!

Believe it or not, we (Marilyn and me) were born the same day!
Anyway, happy birthday for me!
I'm so excited! Kisses for everyone!


Rafter said...

Happy Birthday Lulu..may you have many more.

I imagine you sitting next to Marilyn and blowing out the candle.. a perfect day for a perfect couple.

Enjoy your special day.

domesticallydisabled said...

happy birthday lulu!! fellow gemini... ;) jox

a. said...

Happy birthday!!!

Lulu said...

Thank you, beautiful people!!!

rafter, what a great picture! I love it!

jox, so you are gemini too... when is your birthday?

erkemao said...


domesticallydisabled said...

june 11th...;) jox